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Reliable Service with Many Years of Experience

We are in a leading position in the sector with many years of experience and knowledge. We offer perfect service in the field of limb and boot lengthening with our professional team and specialist doctors. We have continuously increased our satisfaction rate by applying successful treatments to thousands of patients to date.

Our Customer Satisfaction Oriented Working Approach

Customer satisfaction is always our top priority. With our people-oriented approach, we strive to understand the needs of our patients and offer them the most appropriate solutions. We are proud to receive high scores in satisfaction surveys and to have a positive impact on the lives of our patients.





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LLS Center is among the leading health centers in the field of limb and boot lengthening. Our mission is to help our patients increase their height with the most advanced and reliable methods, enabling them to lead a more active and happy life. Together with our expert staff and experienced surgeons, we use the knowledge and experience we have gained in this field for many years by providing the highest quality service to our patients.

Limb lengthening offers a solution for individuals who experience differences in height due to genetic factors, accidental limb loss or other reasons. As LLS Center, we use non-surgical limb lengthening techniques to improve the quality of life of our patients and facilitate their daily activities. In this way, our patients can experience a painless and fast limb lengthening process.

Height lengthening is a method applied to correct imbalances in height ratios and to achieve the desired height of the person. As LLS Center, we use state-of-the-art implants and devices to safely and effectively perform our patients’ boot lengthening operations. We regularly monitor the health status of our patients after the surgery and ensure that they achieve the best results.

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Free Consultancy

Take advantage of our free consultancy service to answer your questions, offer customized solutions and make your life easier with the right guidance.

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We welcome you with our exclusive hotel and accommodation alternatives for unforgettable experiences and a comfortable stay. Choose us for a peaceful and luxurious accommodation experience.

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VIP Transportation

Enjoy the comfort of your travels with our exclusive VIP transportation service and reach your destination with our luxury vehicles carefully designed for your comfort.

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Other Services

We make your life easier with our other special services. Make your life more enjoyable with our different service options you can request.