The Best Limb Lengthening Surgery in Turkey


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      Limb Lengthening Surgery in Turkey​

        Limb Lengthening Surgery in Turkey

        With Limb Lengthening surgery in Turkey, you can gain a new apparence. Many people prefer Turkey for limb lengthening. The operation opens up the space between your bones, utilises the natural properties of the bone and helps you to grow by 1 mm per day. You can measure how much you have grown with X-rays or a height scale. Over time, you leave your old, insecure days behind and start buying new clothes. The people around you will also notice this change in you. LLS center has the best limb lengthening surgeon in Turkey. We have high- success rates from limb lengthening procedure.


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        Our expert team examines whether our patients are suitable for the operation and treatment process with committees and meetings. They are taken to the hospital for these tests.


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        Leg Lengthening Surgery Combined Method

        • Internal / External Method: Walking During Combined
        • Elongation: ✓ External
        • Device Use: 3 months Bone
        • Fusion: 5-6 months Full
        • Recovery: 9-12 months
        • Max. Amount of
        • Elongation: Lower Leg (Tibia): 7cm / Upper Leg (Femur): 8cm

        Precice 2 Method

        • Internal / External Method:
        • Walking During Internal Lengthening: X External
        • Device Use: X Bone
        • Fusion: 5-6 months
        • Full Recovery: 9-12 months
        • Max. Amount of Lengthening: Lower Leg (Tibia): 7cm Upper Leg (Femur): 8cm

        Arthroscopic Surgeries

        Pioneer in Knee Joint, Shoulder, Foot and Wrist, Meniscus Treatment

        Combining the ancient principle of "First do no harm" with today's space age technology, arthroscopic surgery is a diagnostic and treatment method that aims to provide the most benefit while causing the least damage to the patient's body integrity.

        Height Lengthening

        Closed System, Combined System, Stryde System, Extrenal Fixator

        Basically, it is based on the process of cutting the bones to be lengthened in a controlled manner and then gently pulling them out with lengthening devices. During this process, the body will heal the severed bones and fill the space between them with the natural healing process of bone growth (osteogenesis).

        Height Lengthening Surgery in Turkey

        As the first health company in the field of height increase surgery, we guide you to reach your dream height with the most experienced team and doctor in this field. You can find all surgical methods and information about height lengthening surgery on our website, and you can ask all the questions you have in mind to our patient counselors.

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        Patient Videos

        As LLS Center, we have carefully prepared a video gallery to explain what our customers who are interested in the lengthening process are curious about and to have a better idea about the treatment.

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        We are proud to share with you the smiles and happiness of our clients who have joined LLS Center on a journey full of success stories and experiences

        Types of Limb Lengthening Surgery in Turkey

        Height Lengthening Surgery in Turkey before and after

        Precice, Stryde Method

        Precice Stryde is a successful, reliable and comfortable bone lengthening method used worldwide. This method works with systems in which both nails are inserted into the leg and the lengthening process is more comfortable and less painful than other methods. Differently, the Stryde nail is made of titanium and is more robust and stronger. While Precice 2 cannot support the full weight of the patient, Stryde can and the patient can walk without the need for crutches after the first few weeks. The Precice Stryde nail is about twice as expensive as the Precice Stryde and has limited availability worldwide. However, the Stryde nail is designed to give the patient more mobility. Alternatives to other methods include the Combined Method, Holyfix and Ilizarov techniques.

        Combined Method

        In this method, applied leg lengthening surgery in turkey, both closed nail and external lengthening fixator system are applied together. The aim of this system is to enable the patient to get rid of the external apparatus much earlier and to provide a more anatomical lengthening without bone slippage through a more stable system. This method provides a significant advantage as it is more cost-effective than the completely closed method. It can carry full load.

        Height Lengthening Surgery in Turkey before and after
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        The Best Support for Limb Lengthening Surgery

        Success stories that tell our customers what a wonderful experience it is to turn their hard-to-reach dreams into reality in the field of lengthening! Each of our customers who set out with us, increased their self-confidence, achieved the length they dreamed of with height extension and now live a happier, more self-confident life.

        Height Lengthening Surgery in Turkey before and after

        External fixators 

        External fixators, one of the lengthening surgery methods, are positioned externally on the arm or leg. Certain external fixators envelop the limb, while others align parallel to it. Both kinds are secured to the bone using pins and can be extended using a compact, manual tool. After the consolidation phase concludes and the newly formed bone can support weight, these external devices are generally removed.

        Precice, Fitbone

        This method is known as closed method. It is performed using a nail placed in the marrow cavity of the bone. This method does not damage the blood production, since the marrow only works actively in the spine and pelvis, except in childhood. There are two generations of nails. In the 1st generation, motorised system is used and in the second generation, magnetic extensible rod system is used. Personalised production is made. With the help of special tools, the nail is stimulated from the outside and elongation is provided. Since this method can be applied closed, skin problems are very few and aesthetic results are close to perfect. There is almost no risk of infection. The biggest disadvantages of this method are their inability to carry full load due to their sensitive elongation mechanisms and their high cost.

        Height Lengthening Surgery in Turkey before and after

        Frequently Asked Questions

        As LLS Center, we have compiled frequently asked questions in order to clarify the issues that our customers are curious about. Here are the most common questions and answers about the height growth process and our clinic

        Since height lengthening surgery is not an easy surgery with zero risk, it may not be suitable for everyone who wants to have the surgery. First of all, the person who wants to have surgery should consider short stature as an important problem and should be informed about the risks of surgery. Cosmetic lengthening surgeries can generally be performed for those whose growth plates are closed until the age of 40-50 after the necessary examinations are performed.

        Lengthening surgery is a challenging, long-lasting and expensive procedure. With a good doctor, the right method and good postoperative care, patients usually start to return to their daily lives. How long the recovery will take depends on the continuity of care that both the doctor and the patient apply to themselves.

        a) Ilizarov method: It is the cheapest method in terms of price. Thin nails are inserted into your leg with ring irons. Compared to new methods, the risk of infection is higher and comfort is less.

        b) Intramedullary nail method (Precice): This method is performed by a small number of doctors in Turkey. A motorised nail is inserted into the bone. Nothing is visible from the outside. Your lengthening is realised by remote control. It is the most comfortable method, but it is not recommended to put pressure on your leg and walk, especially during the extension period. And it is the most expensive method.
        c) Holyfix method: A device attached to only one side of the leg is used. It is more comfortable and has less risk of infection compared to Ilizarov. Its price is between Ilizarov and Precice methods, i.e. it is more expensive than Ilizarov and cheaper than Precice. It is recommended to spend about 10 months.
        d) Combined method: It is the most preferred method in recent years. Both the device does not stay on your leg for a long time like classical methods and it is more reasonable in terms of price. You get rid of the device in 3-4 months and recover well in 5-6 months.

        Limb lengthening surgery cost in turkey vary according to from clinic to clinic. However, the cost of it is generally most affordable compare to other countries.

        Scars on the legs post-surgery vary by the operation method. The Ilizarov method leaves the most scars, while internal fixation leaves the fewest. Our doctor prefers the LON or Precice methods. Fortunately, aesthetic procedures can minimize these scars.

        The LON (Lengthening Over Nails) method is a contemporary technique used in limb lengthening surgeries. In this procedure, an intramedullary nail is inserted into the bone (either the tibia or femur) alongside an external fixator. As the bone is gradually lengthened using the external fixator, the intramedullary nail offers support and alignment. Once the desired length is achieved, the external fixator can be removed, leaving only the nail in place for stabilization. Many top hospitals in Turkey are proficient in this advanced method, making limb lengthening in Turkey a sought-after option for patients wishing to gain a few inches in height.

        Yes, leg lengthening surgery can leave scars, as with any invasive surgery. The scars may vary depending on the type of procedure performed. But our doctors  take care of this issues.

        Of course, if you need and want to have this surgery, you can be performed. And, limb lengthening surgery worth it.

        Since the legs are usually shorter than the torso in short people, especially the 5-8 cm lengthening amount performed with a single operation usually does not create a distorted image in the body proportion. As long as it is not excessive, people with long legs usually look taller than they are and their bodies look more beautiful.

        5-8 cm lengthening is realized in a single session. Those who wish can have surgery on both upper and lower legs and grow 10-15 cm. The flexibility of your leg is also important in lengthening. The more flexible your legs are, the more comfortable you will be during the lengthening.

        The surgical procedure for lengthening takes approximately 1, 5-2 hours. The patient can usually be discharged from the hospital after 2 days if no complications develop.

        The time until the healing process is completed and the fixation devices are removed varies according to the technique used and the age of the patient. For example, the time required for 5 cm lengthening with in-bone devices is approximately 4-6 months in adults.

        Certainly. We see strong interest in limb lengthening operations from countries like the US, UK, Saudi Arabia, Canada, Indonesia, India, Cambodia, and Azerbaijan. Due to the high costs in these nations, Turkey offers a balance of affordability and quality. After the surgery, international patients can either return home within 5-7 days or opt for nearby accommodation. Those distant can share check-up results via WhatsApp for doctor assessment.

        Limb lengthening and recovery can be lengthy, but with patience and following your doctor’s guidelines, you can return to sports (physical activities) after 1-1.5 years. Ensure you undergo physiotherapy and maintain good health.

        The cost of limb lengthening in Turkey is generally more affordable than in many Western countries, though the price can vary depending on the hospital and the expertise of the surgeon. On average, patients can expect to lengthen their tibia by up to 6-7 cm and their femur by up to 8-10 cm. However, it’s essential to note that the exact lengthening potential depends on individual factors like age, bone health, and the patient’s general health condition. Following the lengthening phase, there’s a latency period where the newly formed bone consolidates and strengthens. Remember, while the objective might be to gain a few inches, patient safety and the long-term health of the limbs are paramount, so always consult with a medical professional at one of Turkey’s top hospitals before making a decision.

        Yes, but we advise you have this operation one times.

        Answer of the question depend on your request. If you don’t desire your height, you could want to have this operation.